Parasites are our neighbors. How do I make this neighborhood safe?

I think you will agree that we use the word “parasite” more often when we want to call someone who lives at someone else’s expense, and we rather mean a teenage son who begs for money for a night disco, than worms and all sorts of harmful maggots. After all, we know from school thatRead more ⟶

Chickens are counted in the fall

I specifically do not give figures here. First, they will be obsolete by the time this book is published, and second, there is nothing more inaccurate than statistics: “There are lies, there are monstrous lies, and there are statistics.” When we talk about the number of people infected, we mean the number of people withRead more ⟶

Dossier on the new coronavirus

Viruses are a completely unique creation of Nature. This is a bacterium-a complex organism with a shell, nucleus, cytoplasm! I always come up with an analogy with a fortress: powerful walls (only the spleen can destroy a polysaccharide capsule of pneumococcus or meningococcus!), its own power plant – mitochondria, a factory for the production ofRead more ⟶

How to maintain health in the modern world

Our immune system is a superorganism: a complex conglomerate of cells and molecules connected to all the organs, systems, and tissues of the body without exception. The national library of medicine defines immunity as “the most complex system in the body.” WHAT IS IMMUNITY AND WHY DO WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT The wordRead more ⟶

Nose and weight, or a Master class in practical myth-making

Some myths are beautiful, and some are not. “Beautiful” in the sense of flight of fancy. Most often, this same fantasy barely rises above the ground, just enough to see a couple of “scientific” arguments, but it also happens that it will soar high and give birth to a myth that will amaze the mindsRead more ⟶

The theory of self-poisoning

Here are three quotes from the legacy of a world-renowned scientist, winner of the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine, discoverer of phagocytosis and intracellular digestion, and Creator of the phagocytic theory of immunity. Quote one: “when Pasteur in 1857 made his great discovery of the lactic acid fermentation microbe, he noticed at the timeRead more ⟶

To be or not to be, that is, to do or not to vaccinate?

“Inoculation” and “vaccination” are synonyms for the introduction of antigenic material to form immunity to the disease. The word “inoculation” has another meaning, the so-called vegetative method of reproduction of plants, but we will not touch botany, it is not our topic. As antigenic material can be used live, but weakened strains of microorganisms, killedRead more ⟶