Microbial Genetic Terrorism, or Horizontal Gene Transfer-Another Reality that has Become a Myth

Scientists, in the majority, people cultural, humane. They try to present their discoveries to the public in such a way that the public is not frightened. For example, they will invent nuclear weapons capable of destroying all life in vast territories in a matter of moments, and they will present it to us as “workRead more ⟶

How do microbes affect our brain and do they affect it at all?

People who are far from science, argue something like this: “if scientists are engaged in any problem, then it deserves it, that is, it is scientific.” Well, to be honest, what only these scientists do not do. Scientific search goes in different directions, sometimes-in completely unexpected. Of course, the effect of intestinal microflora on theRead more ⟶

The Manifesto for purity, or ” Paradoxes” of immunity

To talk about the most convenient myth of our time, it is necessary to systematize knowledge about immunity. Do not be afraid – we will systematize not for long – only four short paragraphs and one scheme. Immunity (from the Latin word “immunitas”, meaning” liberation”) is the ability of the body to defend against foreignRead more ⟶

The Myth of “Fat” and “Skinny” Microbes

The problem of excess weight is one of the most important problems of our era. And one of the most ” massive – – almost half of the population in the so-called prosperous countries suffers from obesity. In some places, not half, but two-thirds. Gaining weight is easy. It does not need to apply absolutelyRead more ⟶

What is the difference between probiotics and probiotics

Fecal transplantation, known in medical circles as” fecal microbiota transplantation ” (abbreviated – TFM), is a process of transplantation, that is, the transfer from one organism to another representatives of the normal intestinal microflora contained in the fecal matter. If their microorganisms are not enough, you have to look for them on the side, inRead more ⟶

Chapter without number Very short and very important

Getting information in our online time is not a problem. Information around a lot and access to it is through a search engine. The problem is how to distinguish between true and false information. In particular, how to distinguish information about the effectiveness of certain treatments or drugs. Here’s a simple algorithm. The first isRead more ⟶

Intestinal microflora 2

The diagnosis of “dysbacteriosis” is not only illiterate, but also dangerous. Yes, Yes, dangerous, because in the treatment of this very “dysbacteriosis” measures are taken to restore the disturbed or allegedly disturbed balance of intestinal microflora. That’s two. If the balance is not disturbed, that is, the cause of the disease is something else, thenRead more ⟶

The great myth about dysbiosis, or Ah, so this cranky intestinal microflora!

Our compatriots (or rather-former compatriots) living in Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan and many other places like to complain about the stupidity and arrogance of the doctors there. These certified undergraduates have no idea about such common diseases as dysbiosis, vegetative-vascular dystonia or decline in strength. Moreover, being convicted of ignoranceRead more ⟶