Viruses If about the structure of bacteria, kind, understand, with the virus more difficult. Here is the parallel: bacteria – the smallest atom, the cell. Could there be anything less? Maybe! It’s an electron, in our case, a virus. The cells of bacteria and the shell and the nucleus, and the cytoplasm, and its “powerhouse”Read more ⟶


Bacteria Single-celled living beings, with all the structures inherent in the cell: the shell, the nucleus, the cytoplasm… we saw them after the invention of the microscope by, although great minds pointed to the possibility of their existence before. When I was a student I could not understand: how is the total biomass of bacteriaRead more ⟶

Infections. How to protect yourself and your child

Infections. How to protect yourself and your child Preface How often do we say the phrase: “If I was told 3 years ago that will happen what is happening now, I would never believe it!”. Hence, by the way, the logical conclusion – we are likely to misunderstand and predict their future. It will takeRead more ⟶