Parasites are our neighbors. How do I make this neighborhood safe?

I think you will agree that we use the word “parasite” more often when we want to call someone who lives at someone else’s expense, and we rather mean a teenage son who begs for money for a night disco, than worms and all sorts of harmful maggots. After all, we know from school that a parasite is someone who lives at someone else’s expense, feeds on the cells of its host, absorbs vitamins intended for the host’s body and releases harmful toxic slags into its internal cavities. The word “parasite” comes from the Greek “parasitos”, which means”freeloader, parasite”.

Parasitic living organisms inside us are not only the cause of dysentery, chronic stomach upset, constant pain and general physical exhaustion. Provoking at the initial stages of the general weakening and exhaustion of the human body, in the end, parasites often become the culprits of its death. Moreover, it often happens that a person who leads a healthy lifestyle, plays sports, follows the rules of a healthy diet and regularly takes vitamins, still feels weak and chronically tired – for the reason that parasites have settled inside his organs, sucking vital juices and energy from the body.

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