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The diagnosis of “dysbacteriosis” is not only illiterate, but also dangerous. Yes, Yes, dangerous, because in the treatment of this very “dysbacteriosis” measures are taken to restore the disturbed or allegedly disturbed balance of intestinal microflora. That’s two.

If the balance is not disturbed, that is, the cause of the disease is something else, then in fact the wrong treatment is carried out. In some cases, such errors can be corrected in time, and in some cases, you can not have time. For example, if the” dysbacteriosis ” were taken as the initial signs of cancer, you can miss precious time. While the man is eating “yogurt with live bacteria” and takes some “superelevation”, the disease will have become incurable… Appreciate the danger of this diagnostic error? It is the same.

If the balance of intestinal microflora is disturbed, the first thing to do is not to deal with its recovery, and to eliminate the cause of the violation. Otherwise, “treatment”(quotes are not accidental) will be like building a house on a swampy place without a reliable Foundation. Built-collapsed, built again-collapsed again… and so on without end, until a reliable Foundation is created, that is, the cause of the imbalance is eliminated.

Look around. It is possible that among your friends there are people who have been treated for years from ” chronic dysbacteriosis.” And treated to no avail, because trying to treat the disease, not the disease itself.

Under the mask of “dysbacteriosis” can hide more than thirty diseases, ranging from Crohn’s disease (happy one who does not know what it is) and ending with irritable bowel syndrome. And for each disease shows its own, individual treatment, in which eating live bacteria plays a leading role. If not does not matter.

Wrong not only the diagnosis of dysbacteriosis, but also the method of diagnosis, which is based on the analysis of feces. That’s three.

Analysis of feces for dysbacteriosis is considered to be a study that reflects the real state of the intestinal microflora.

Let’s digress from our topic for a moment and consider this historical example.

A group of people in the early XVII century sailed from Holland to the shores of North America, sailed and founded the city of New Amsterdam, which was later renamed New York (new York). In your opinion, can the population of modern new York judge the population of Holland of the early XVII century? Without having any additional information?

Of course not. We do not know what was the composition of the group of colonists who left their homeland in search of happiness overseas. We don’t know how the population of new York has changed over the course of three centuries… And so on. But we stool draw conclusions about the state of the intestinal microflora, offered diagnoses and prescribe treatment.

But we can not be sure that the content of microorganisms in the feces corresponds to their content in the intestine. Roughly speaking, if among the Dutch colonists about half were former soldiers-desperate heads, prone to adventure and risk, then on this basis it can not be concluded that the soldiers were half the male population of the then Holland. Right?

We also don’t know how the microorganisms behaved while cal was waiting for the study. They did not die at the time of defecation completely. Some died, unable to survive the “exile”, and some survived and continued to multiply. And a little bacteria was added to the feces from the air, Yes a bit – the sides of the dish, which was going cal (hardly anyone uses for this purpose a sterile container). As a result, the researcher Kala sees a conventional picture of modern new York and it gives an opinion about the population of Holland beginning of the century before last… Where is the logic, please tell me?

Are you familiar with the process of stool analysis for microflora? If not, then know that it is carried out by sowing. Technicians “sown” Kal, that is placed particles of feces in the Cup with a nutrient media and look what grew up there. First, grow only what survived. Secondly, in our intestines there are microorganisms that “in captivity do not multiply” – do not grow in artificial laboratory conditions, as they do not please. These “naturals” agree to live only in intestines. Thirdly, even from bacteria growing outside the body, only a small part is sown in the analysis of feces.

Well, what will you have with such an analysis? Just extra expenses.

Yes, there are cases in which the study of feces on the microflora is justified (even taking into account all the above) and has a valuable diagnostic value. For example, when it is necessary to detect in the feces that normally should not be. For example, eggs worms. But to judge on the basis of the study of feces on the condition of the entire intestinal microflora can not. And to diagnose the “dysbiosis” – even more so. You might as well tell fortunes by the hand. Why not? The informativeness is about the same, but the patient does not need to bother collecting feces, and the laboratory assistant does not need to Tinker with crops.

Now let’s answer the most important question concerning dysbacteriosis.

What if your doctor gave you such a diagnosis?

Answer: to change the doctor to another, intelligent, responsible and decent.

The diagnosis of “dysbacteriosis” can be a manifestation of the ignorance of the doctor. Yes, all doctors graduate from institutes-universities and regularly (once in five years) go to refresher courses, but… But under the lying stone, as you know, water does not flow, and the fool to teach – what to treat the dead. To develop the theme ,” how do fools get diplomas?”we won’t, we have another conversation.

The doctor can be smart, but negligent about his duties. It is much easier to tell a patient that he has dysbacteriosis and prescribe a simple “treatment” than to conduct a complex diagnostic search. That the diagnostic search – it is not easy, requiring knowledge, concentration and the ability to think outside the box, we have for eight seasons told Dr. Gregory house, and now continue to tell his clones. So, probably, each of the readers has an idea about this process, and the author does not need to “spread the thought on the tree” with his explanations.

And the doctor may want to get income from the appointment of certain drugs to the patient. By direct sale “from hand to hand” or indirect through a specific pharmacy. In some pharmacies, doctors receive bonuses for each prescription for certain drugs, among which are very common means of “dysbacteriosis.” So in some cases, your non-existent dysbacteriosis can bring material benefits to the doctor, consider this.

The “treatment” of dysbacteriosis and General methods of restoring the normal balance of intestinal microflora will be discussed in the next Chapter, because this topic is quite extensive. Now we only note the fact that the ubiquity of pseudodiamesa “dysbiosis” the fault in ubiquitous advertising. Products that contain live and supposedly live cultures of bacteria as well as dairy products with live and supposedly live bacteria – this individual niche market, and quite a big niche. Producers of “live” preparations and products followed by the laboratory, offering to the population “analyses on a dysbacteriosis”. Very convenient this “diagnosis” for charlatans of all stripes and categories. Non-existent goiter can be treated all you want – telepathy, biocurrents, therapeutic salts, an enema with live water, an enema with dead water, healing clay, healing magnets, copper bracelets, meditation in the Lotus position or in some other position, hydrogen peroxide… All the ways to name, so many of them. And every week there are one or two new ones. What did you want?” The theme is “bread”, profitable.

So we hear about dysbacteriosis from all sides. We read about him everywhere. And a dysbacteriosis in children, especially infants, so this is extra profitable topic. What parent doesn’t want their child to grow up healthy? What parent will not spare any money for the sake of restoring the normal balance of the intestinal microflora of their child?

That’s how the tree grows Dysbacteriosis on the field of Miracles in the country of Fools…

And next grow the Tree of Obesity, Tree Decay, Tree, Vitamin, Wood, Dystonia and many other trees. The soil in the land of Fools is fertile. Especially on the field of Miracles.

If you value your life, your health and your blood money, then try as soon as possible to emigrate from the country of Fools in the real world, where there are no non-existent diagnoses. For such emigration do not need to fill out questionnaires, obtain visas and buy tickets. It is enough to stop believing in fairy tales. Even the ones that tell you Academics Ecumenical academies and Professors From around the World. The first sign of a charlatan is a magnificent title.

In the fight against “dysbacteriosis” we have reached the point that after any course of treatment with antibiotics for two or three weeks we take drugs containing live cultures of bacteria (or allegedly containing), as well as drugs that contribute to the better reproduction of bacteria already available to us. Why and why do we do this? Yes, because I believe that antibiotics, in addition to the action on the causative agent, “mow” intestinal microflora, which immediately is not very useful fungi (remember, we talked about candidiasis?). Therefore, antibiotics are best taken together with antifungal drugs [11], and at the end of their reception it is necessary to saturate the body with beneficial bacteria.

In fact, in order to disrupt the natural balance of intestinal microflora, antibiotic treatment should be prolonged – more than four weeks – and combined, that is, with the use of several drugs. Only then can we talk about the imbalance. And you know what’s most interesting? That after the termination of treatment with antibiotics the normal balance in ninety-nine percent of cases is restored independently, without external intervention.

Often, the diagnosis of “dysbacteriosis”, allegedly occurred against the background of antibiotics, is exhibited by the patients themselves on the basis of diarrhea (diarrhea), which arose after the appointment of an antibiotic. The logic is simple and unshakable – taking an antibiotic led to the rapid development of dysbacteriosis, which resulted in diarrhea. The fact that diarrhea can be a side effect of the antibiotic, patients prefer not to think. As well as the fact that the imbalance of intestinal microflora simply can not occur on the second day of taking the antibiotic. And even if the instructions attached to the drug, in black and white will be written about such a side effect as diarrhea, people will still think about dysbacteriosis… So arranged man-does not believe in what he sees, but in what he wants to believe.

Once again, let’s digress from our topic and consider this situation.

The foreman instructs the worker to buy paint without naming the type of paint, color, or quantity required. The worker buys a randomly selected paint in the amount that came to his mind. Whether satisfied the superintendent?

What nonsense? Doesn’t that happen?

No way. And if it does, then such a foreman and such a worker should be removed from work and examined for their adequacy. But this is the case with the foreman and repair. But when the alleged dysbiosis bacterial people take drugs at random, not having a clue not only about whether they do, but about what and in what quantity you need. In our intestines live hundreds of species of microorganisms (after long discussions scientists agreed on an average figure-five hundred), and dominates among this diversity about fifty species. Represent, what range of? Can you imagine how many variants of violations of such a multi-component balance can be? And we buy it and stupidly I drink it a couple of weeks (key word – “stupid”).

Some of the readers read this Chapter with growing indignation. And now it’s time for this outrage to pour out.

“What nonsense! Doctors and scientists recognize the existence of dysbacteriosis! Only they call it “dysbiosis”!

Recognize, Yes. But not as a disease, but as a symptom in some diseases. Agree that “symptom” and “disease” are different concepts. You can take drugs that inhibit the cough reflex or enhance expectoration, but you can not be diagnosed with “cough” and treat only cough, not the disease, the symptom of which is cough. But with the cough it just all clear. If the patient sees in his outpatient card such a diagnosis as “Cough”, then immediately outraged – what’s the matter? Let’s look for the cause of the cough! And will a thousand times rights.

Again, true dysbiosis or dysbiosis is not found at every turn. And when it occurs, it is not treated with “live” yogurts and” biological ” food additives, but with a whole range of measures, starting with the elimination of the cause. And real dysbacteriosis requires clarification, because ” dysbacteriosis “is a General concept, about the same as”fracture”. But in the case of a fracture it is necessary, first, to indicate the broken bone in the diagnosis, to indicate the nature of the fracture-it is open or closed, to indicate the presence or absence of displacement of bone fragments, etc. Similarly, “specify” in the diagnosis of the nature and characteristics of dysbacteriosis.

Let us consider one example of a real imbalance of intestinal microflora, which occurs in the so – called syndrome of excessive bacterial growth (abbreviated-CIBR) in the small intestine.

The balance of microflora is regulated by many factors, the main of which are hydrochloric acid contained in the stomach and peristalsis (intestinal motility) – wave-like contractions of the walls of the intestines, ensuring the promotion of their contents to the “exit” from the body. Hydrochloric acid kills germs trapped in the stomach, and peristalsis has a mechanical cleansing effect, removing some microorganisms from the intestine. Reducing the production of hydrochloric acid by the cells of the gastric mucosa can lead to the ingestion of bacteria in the small intestine, which normally should not get there. Weakening of peristalsis (we consider only two main factors!) leads to a delay in the intestine of the part of bacteria that normally had to be removed. And often both factors can be observed simultaneously. The inflow of bacteria from the outside increases and their removal from the intestine decreases. Very soon the balance of the microflora is disturbed to clinically significant limits-there are symptoms such as stool disorder, flatulence and the like. Impaired nutrient absorption can lead to depletion, and chronic vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to anemia.

With this in dysbacteriosis (dysbiosis) have to fight, because it really exists in and of itself will not disappear. As it is a question of excessive growth of bacteria, antibiotics become the main preparation in treatment.

Another example. Radiation exposure leads to the death of microorganisms. In a person who has received a significant dose of radiation, the intestine can become almost sterile. In such cases, it is really necessary to introduce beneficial microorganisms into the digestive tract and create favorable conditions for their life by taking the so-called prebiotics.

Well, we’ve come to prebiotics. It’s time to finish this Chapter and move on to the next. But finally you need to expose the myth associated with antibiotics, or rather by their introduction into the body.

It often happens that the patient, fearing the development of dysbacteriosis, asks the doctor to prescribe an antibiotic not in capsules or tablets, but in injections. Like, there is no need to send antibiotics to the stomach and intestines, it is better to introduce them directly into the blood or muscle, so it is calmer.

In fact, oral (that is, through the mouth) method of taking drugs is the most preferred, because it is simple and safe. You can drink the pill without assistance, and this will not cause complications such as an abscess or, say, an air embolism – blockage of some important vessel with a bubble of air that accidentally fell into the bloodstream during intravenous injection. Yes, of course, if you try, the pill instead of the digestive system will fall into the respiratory system and cause suffocation, but we will not take such incidents into account. And a piece of bread can choke to death.

If you think that when intravenous or intramuscular antibiotic does not have an effect on your intestinal microflora, you are very wrong. Having, of course, has, since blood medicines spread throughout the body. But to a somewhat lesser extent than when the antibiotic enters the intestine and is absorbed into the blood from there. However, this “to a lesser extent” is not worth replacing oral administration with injections. There is no need to complicate your life without benefit and sense. Always, and especially in those cases when it comes to health, you need to understand well whether the “ovchinka” dressing or not.

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