We all remember from the Soviet times: take antibiotics-take and antifungal drug nystatin (was very popular!), because you kill bacteria-in their place grow mushrooms! In heavy, intensive care cases, this may sometimes be true, in peace – it’s exotic. Well, many know firsthand about the fungus of nails and hair, and candidiasis of the genitals has long been elevated by us to the rank of sexually transmitted infections (which is not so!).

What are the most common pathogenic fungi? Meet Candida-a common cause of infectious diseases in patients with impaired immunity, uncontrolled diabetes and long-term treatment with antibiotics or steroid hormones.

About candidiasis of the genitals, we will talk later, but if there is the whole problem is solved with a single dose of fluconazole, then there are other, more menacing, manifestations of this fungal infection! This particular septic thrombophlebitis and Candida liver. Require intensive treatment and removal of all catheters. In patients with AIDS and other real causes of immunodeficiency should be very wary, monitor the oral cavity and regularly examine the eyes: the spread of the process begins from there!

Candida is the most common fungus.

But it does not affect a healthy person.

At risk are people with weakened immunity, untreated diabetes, and taking antibiotics or steroids.

Histoplasm. Often found in birds and bats. Their litter is contagious, as a result of pigeon lovers or those who breed poultry, as well as curious travelers can develop specific pneumonia. In this case, ulcers may occur in the sky, and the spleen will be enlarged. Sometimes it can provoke the formation of “caverns” in the lung, and then such a patient often goes through life with a diagnosis of “tuberculosis”!

Dermatophytes. Fungi (“tenea … she korporis”), affecting the skin. We all know the problems: dandruff, toes, nails, hair. The basic principle of protection-strict observance of rules of personal hygiene. Let’s recall:

  1. Do not use someone else’s towels or clothes.
  2. Gym, pool, shower – always flip-flops or other shoes!
  3. If you have “athlete’s foot” fungal infection of the feet, wear socks first, then underwear. So protects the spread of infection through the body further!
  4. Avoid tight underwear. Change it (and socks!) at least once a day.
  5. If your Pets – dogs, cats appeared female hair loss, start to treat them. High probability that this tenea … she korporis!

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