Infections. How to protect yourself and your child

Infections. How to protect yourself and your child


How often do we say the phrase: "If I was told 3 years ago that will happen what is happening now, I would never believe it!". Hence, by the way, the logical conclusion – we are likely to misunderstand and predict their future. It will take another 3 years, and we again wonder: well, who would have told me in 2014 that... and hereafter! So here I was, whoever I was then told that I was going to write books? If only he snorted sarcastically in response! Now I have a feeling that I am doing a useful job – it is both encouraging and stimulating!

The doctor, communicating with the patient, concentrates on his medical problems, often without looking that there, behind stones in a gall bladder, behind chronic cough or pains in heart… and perhaps, it is to some extent justified: it is impossible to pass all through the soul, then there will be no forces on diagnostics and treatment. Perhaps, in the sadness of their peering, for shooting targets you can’t see!»

During meetings with readers, on TV and radio programs the situation is different: your questions, stories, stories, objections, criticism, give an idea of what you care about, what you are interested in, what you would like to know more. And indeed, talking about the most important thing – about our health – can not leave anyone indifferent! Someone agrees with me and correctly perceives information, someone argues and insists on his, but here is what I not see on such meetings, so this indifferent faces!

Increased cholesterol, whether to take statins, diabetes, back and joint pain, migraine, dietary Supplements, homeopathy, stem cells, leg cramps and much more are interested in you, and much you have your idea. And somehow, gradually outlined a kind of “blind spot” of your interests infection… Further questions “harmful vaccinations? “and” do you need antibiotics?”we don’t usually go in. Why? Know all about it? Or have you decided that infections are a problem of the past tense, and there is nothing to say about it in the 21st century? Ah, as well, if it were so! Cardiologists and oncologists with poorly hidden pride argue, whose diseases mow more people, psychiatrists suddenly pushed and began to bypass all the number of disabled as a result of depression. And somehow no one notices that this dispute occurs on the lid of a powder keg with a Smoking wick and the inscription “infection”!

Movement is narrow-minded and limited people with obvious psychopaths and crooks at the head of the criminal available and the widespread use of antibiotics has led to the fact that we were practically defenseless! Yes, we have almost defeated the enemy, clamped it in a corner, someone generally exhausted… and relaxed!

I was outraged from childhood scenes from the movies, when the noble protagonist, plunging the enemy, turns his back on him and leaves. And he, bastard, rises on one hand and aims the main character in the back! As I was indignant: “well that you didn’t finish it!»

And our enemy is no longer rises – rises to his full height. And this is not the old friends-naive bacteria falling dead in one form of penicillin. This monsters whose names are not pronounce, and who “snack” antibiotic only joy! And we all do not notice this sinister giant shadow behind us and continue to walk proudly with a calm smile on his face and a toy colt in a holster… “to arms, citizens!”. “AUX armes, citoyens!”. FREEDOM from infection, the EQUALITY in the therapeutic approaches and the BROTHERHOOD a healthy and secure people!

Chapter 1. Who lives in whose world?

Scientists argue about the timing of the emergence of” reasonable man”, opposed to the postulate of divine origin Darwin’s theory. Someone, understanding the limitations and naive straightforwardness of the assumption of the origin of man from the monkey, nods at the aliens. But all this mouse fuss huge pieces of biomass, suddenly caught in the ancient world of space microorganisms!

And God called the dry land earth; and the gathering together of the waters he called seas. And God saw that [it] was good. And God said, let the earth grow green, grass, sowing seed, a fruit tree, bearing fruit of its kind, in which its seed is on the earth. And so it was.

Yes, Day the third, and after all bacteria and viruses already were! Apparently, already on Day the second! Because now in deep space find microorganisms, yet there are no grass “seed prolific,” and they are already here, so good to see! Bacteria, viruses, prions, fungi, protozoa-a huge world of living beings, in which we invaded, without asking anyone and without knocking on the door!

Bacteria got into the body of the very first people. Okay, not Adam and eve, but who was the first? If it is that notorious monkey who suddenly began to think and went to kindle a fire, – there and even more so microorganisms already were estimated billions! More generally it is not very clear… Could in fact immediately kill! To any sort of immunity – it had yet to develop!

What I’m saying now is more of a hypothesis, don’t take it too seriously. And yet I was struck by a recent study that proved that Toxoplasma can change people’s behavior!

Toxoplasma, getting into the human body, remains there forever. The study showed that carriers of Toxoplasma and people free from it behave differently. Farther. The most important and indispensable link in the development cycle of Toxoplasma is the cat. Look how much we love them! Cherish, Holim! Prophet Muhammad, in order not to disturb the cat sleeping on the wide sleeve of his silk robe, getting up, just cut off this sleeve! In ancient Georgia for the murder of the cat has the death penalty!

Think of three facts:

  • 1. It is proved that Toxoplasma gondii can change a person’s behavior.
  • 2. Toxoplasma requires cats.
  • 3. Most of us love cats.

The conclusion based on these facts, is as follows: Toxoplasma gondii, staying with us in the body, implicitly generates we have a love for cats and makes you care about them, turning us into a kind of shepherds are necessary to their organisms!

Want to refute? For this it is necessary to compare the blood tests for carriers of toxoplasmosis in those who loves cats and does not like them! Of course, this is to some extent fantasy!

But look what research was conducted in 2014 by American oncologists and what conclusions were drawn. Comparing our eating habits and individual characteristics of the intestinal microflora and carefully analyzed, they write: “Microbes have the capacity to manipulate behavior and mood (of a person), altering the neural signals, reset our taste buds through the allocation of specific chemical substances and toxins” (Athena Aktipis, PhD, Arizona State University, Phoenix)!

Now the conscience can be clear: it’s not we pull another candy in the mouth, not on their own navorachivaem at once a pack of dumplings, and then another night and go to the refrigerator – it’s all living in us bacteria pull the strings, and without them we would, of course, ate some fruit and flower pollen!

Microbes can change a person’s behavior and habits. So consider American doctors.

Jokes are jokes, but work on the study of the possibility of the influence of bacteria on human behavior continues, and I’m afraid, wait for the data on the connection of chlamydial infection or ureaplasm with our preferences in the choice of sexual partners! Although in 2012, who recognized love as a disease (Yes, the code in the International classification of diseases: F63.9), now lacked still, to infectious!

Most of the microorganisms that live in us – the so – called saprophytes-live, feed, but do not harm us. Moreover, some of them we need for normal life! (Just wait to run for useful bacteria in the pharmacy, read first!) Maybe we are a kind of “cows”, livestock for microorganisms? Even though, we are not proud, dig in, only to hurt why?! Apparently” are everywhere! Or should the population really be regulated naturally (it seems that Malthus was right, that’s Dan brown about the same – if you read it “Inferno”)? In war, the hope was bad – a lot of whether a sword or a flint gun? And as soon as we began to destroy ourselves already “industrially” – please, there were antibiotics, and that search turns out! Now, once generally hopeless: and about the third world as possible write about things, and treatment opportunities were reduced to 50-year low! It’s time to use your brains and work together to change the situation!

Let’s get acquainted with the microcosm, where we are either guests, or livestock, or victims…

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