Chapter without number Very short and very important

Getting information in our online time is not a problem. Information around a lot and access to it is through a search engine. The problem is how to distinguish between true and false information. In particular, how to distinguish information about the effectiveness of certain treatments or drugs. Here’s a simple algorithm. The first isRead more ⟶

Intestinal microflora 2

The diagnosis of “dysbacteriosis” is not only illiterate, but also dangerous. Yes, Yes, dangerous, because in the treatment of this very “dysbacteriosis” measures are taken to restore the disturbed or allegedly disturbed balance of intestinal microflora. That’s two. If the balance is not disturbed, that is, the cause of the disease is something else, thenRead more ⟶

The great myth about dysbiosis, or Ah, so this cranky intestinal microflora!

Our compatriots (or rather-former compatriots) living in Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan and many other places like to complain about the stupidity and arrogance of the doctors there. These certified undergraduates have no idea about such common diseases as dysbiosis, vegetative-vascular dystonia or decline in strength. Moreover, being convicted of ignoranceRead more ⟶

How reasonable are microbes, or a double-Edged refutation

A double-edged refutation is a refutation that, like a double-edged sword, can strike both left and right. Rarely, but there are myths consisting of two mutually exclusive parts. In order to expose such a myth, it is necessary to strike at both parts. But let’s leave poetic fiction alone and deal with our “double” myth.Read more ⟶

The myth that the Raven does not peck out the Raven’s eye

Crow crow does not eat the eye – it is also a myth. Calm eat dog, if need be, without hesitation. But we’re not talking about crows, we’re talking about germs. It is considered that all microbes are at war only with us, as well as with animals and plants. But not among themselves. WhyRead more ⟶


We all remember from the Soviet times: take antibiotics-take and antifungal drug nystatin (was very popular!), because you kill bacteria-in their place grow mushrooms! In heavy, intensive care cases, this may sometimes be true, in peace – it’s exotic. Well, many know firsthand about the fungus of nails and hair, and candidiasis of the genitalsRead more ⟶