Vermin Do not rush to rejoice when you see this subtitle. Those who think that all diseases at us from parasites, here the most valuable information will be for you that it is far not so. After all, what is medical dishonesty and direct “wiring” ignorant (sorry!), but worried about their health people? The illustrationRead more ⟶


Viruses If about the structure of bacteria, kind, understand, with the virus more difficult. Here is the parallel: bacteria – the smallest atom, the cell. Could there be anything less? Maybe! It’s an electron, in our case, a virus. The cells of bacteria and the shell and the nucleus, and the cytoplasm, and its “powerhouse”Read more ⟶


Bacteria Single-celled living beings, with all the structures inherent in the cell: the shell, the nucleus, the cytoplasm… we saw them after the invention of the microscope by, although great minds pointed to the possibility of their existence before. When I was a student I could not understand: how is the total biomass of bacteriaRead more ⟶

Infections. How to protect yourself and your child

Infections. How to protect yourself and your child Preface How often do we say the phrase: “If I was told 3 years ago that will happen what is happening now, I would never believe it!”. Hence, by the way, the logical conclusion – we are likely to misunderstand and predict their future. It will takeRead more ⟶

Bacterial Skin Infections: Problem of Choosing the Optimal Antibiotic

Bacterial Skin Infections Problem of Choosing the Optimal Antibiotic Pyoderma-pustular skin diseases, caused mainly by strepto-staphylococci, are the most common infectious diseases in the practice of a dermatologist. In the structure of infectious diseases in economically developed countries, patients with pyoderma make up 30-40%, and the disease is often the cause of temporary disability. InRead more ⟶

How to Help Yourself with a Cold or Flu

How to Help Yourself with a Cold or Flu BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR AND RETURNING FROM HOLIDAYS, closed due to the autumn chill of the window, overcrowding in public transport — all this contributes to the spread of viral infections. It is known that the best way to prevent influenza is vaccination, and forRead more ⟶

Antibiotics and Bacteria: the War is Declared

Antibiotics and Bacteria: the War is Declared What is antibiotic resistance and what it threatens each of us Forecasts have become a reality Ten years ago, the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics belonged to the category of forecasts. But already in 2014, who calls the resistance of bacteria to antibacterial drugs a real danger thatRead more ⟶

Tetracycline Ointment

Tetracycline Ointment: How to Use Tetracycline ointment refers to antimicrobial agents intended for external use. The drug is used to treat children from the age of eleven, adult patients and animals. Produced 2 forms of Tetracycline ointment-1% and 3%, containing respectively 1 and 3 percent of the active substance – tetracycline, which affects the synthesisRead more ⟶

Bacterial Infection

Bacterial infections are diseases provoked by bacteria. These include a fairly wide range of pathologies, ranging from ordinary skin infections and ending with severe diseases. It can be meningitis, pneumonia, kidney or bladder inflammation. Quite often there are violations of the upper respiratory tract. Bacterial infections, unlike viral ones, can be successfully eliminated with theRead more ⟶